About us

Tam House is a product that we spend a lot of heart. A place of peace with flowers and flowers, where the bees still day and night tell the story of the subterranean winds of rain and sunshine of the fresh tropical.

Tam House Villa Hotel designed on an area of nearly 700m2 of land with 15 beautiful apartments. Each apartment has an area of 40-60 m2, designed to be open, environmentally friendly, only 300m from the sea. The villa includes the following types of rooms:

- Pool view: apartments direct view swimming pool, just opened the door, walked a few steps foot you hit the pool, feeling of orgasm.

- Deluxe room: fully self contained apartment with panoramic views, if you like quiet you just close the door is completely private space or you can sip a cup of coffee on the balcony of the house and enjoy the wonderful holiday.

- Family room: designed open, 2 king and queen bed, great for family with baby or group of friends 3,4 people want to stay together, just open the room door, view the pool and space above the pool, take a deep breath, you will feel the energy is full !!!!

One thing especially all rooms have space before and after, the light is always full of air, the air is always fresh, the plus points are all looking towards the pool and the beautiful wall garden.

There is a kitchen in the room for you to spoil your favorite dishes.

Please visit to Tâm House find your own melody, personality.